Join Us For A ‘5K A Day’ Challenge

Have you found yourself being less active during the pandemic? You are not alone. 

It has been tough finding the motivation to get out of bed on some days, let alone sticking to any exercise routine. In England, we are just experiencing lockdown 2.0 (as we are calling it), so all gyms and non-essential business have been closed. 

Despite being locked down, a few other forward ladies and I have been braving the November cold for a refreshing daily 5k walk. 

This daily walk commitment is part of a campaign we are launching to encourage our community to step up on their self-care so they can cope better with the mental and health challenges posed by the pandemic. 

We have had some fantastic feedback. One of our followers on Instagram said:


You know what…I’ve been loving it. So good to commit to ‘me time’, the gorgeous feeling of fresh air, nature and gentle rhythmical physical exercise…it’s like moving meditation, thoughts arrive, thoughts go, the mind clears and the smile stays on my face. Today I was listening to Jay Shetty who said ‘do something today for your future self’ #Walkingsisterhood does just that…the mental space will be repaid threefold, brains don’t function effectively without effective bodies. Feeling good in this body! Thanks for the inspiration.

I have been feeling great since I committed to the daily 5k and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I can honestly say that since starting the daily walking programme, I’ve not had a bad day despite the pandemic hoovering over our heads.  

I also feel better able to cope with whatever the day throws at me – and it has thrown some large curve balls my way this month. 

The walking sisterhood started because my sisters and I decided we needed the challenge to get us out of the house and so we could take better care of health and mental well-being. We also missed each other, so it was an opportunity to connect virtually whilst out on our walk without the interruptions of family life.  

I wanted to extend the invitation to you too

You do not have to walk 5k every day to be part of this challenge. You can set more manageable goals like walking 10k steps a day or walking for 30mins, or you can go further by running or walking more. 

The main thing is to get out and get some fresh air every single day until the lockdown is lifted on the 2nd of December in England.

You don’t have to be in lockdown to walk with us. Everyone is welcome. Your location is irrelevant. 

The research on the benefits of walking is conclusive – improved well-being, weight loss, mental health, mood, sleep, stronger bones and joints etc.

Join me, my sisters and the FL community on this challenge. 

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! 

What you have to do: 

1) leave a comment below that you are committing to take the challenge. 

2) post your pictures on your social media profile using the hashtag #walkingsisterhood whenever you complete your walk. Please tag @forwardladies so we can come and congratulate you! 

3) It is always better to walk with friends, so tag a girlfriend and let’s start walking together. 

You don’t need any special gear for this challenge. Grab your coat and wear your comfy shoes, and let’s do this! 

The cold won’t kill you. And yes you can find 20-60mins for yourself – you deserve it. 

We have to learn to keep stepping out of our comfort zone and to keep learning about our strengths and weaknesses if we are to keep growing. This self-awareness is crucial for our personal growth and finding fulfilment in our work. 

Will you join us?