Quarantine Well-Being Sessions

How do you cope with your heightened, mostly negative emotions during this time of uncertainty? We are here to offer you some strategies to help you cope. 

Check out our selection of Quarantine Well-Being Sessions providing practical advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety in these difficult times.

Quarantine Well-Being Session With Catherine Asta Labbett

This session features Catherine Asta Labbett – a multi-award winning female-focused Psychotherapist and impassioned champion of women and their stories. She has transformed hundreds of women and has spent thousands of hours inside the minds of women. The resident psychotherapist on the award-winning Stephanie Hirst show on BBC Radio Leeds and the resident well-being expert at John Lewis Leeds and featured expert in the national media.


Quarantine Well-Being Session With Helen Lawal

This session features Helen Lawal – a TV doctor, Health Coach and a new Mum. She has carved out a fulfilling career that combines and balances all of these. As a Health Coach Helen works with women who want to transform their lifestyle to create happiness and health.


Quarantine Well-Being Session With Nicole Goodman

This session features Nicole Goodman – a certified CPCC women’s identity expert and coach. She supports women to accept themselves, understand themselves and BE themselves.

Nicole understands a woman’s process as she’s worked with women one-on-one for over 25 years. She understands how women feel in today’s world, where they struggle, and more importantly, how to change the conversation from where they aren’t good enough, into what they really want and who they really are.


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Join us today and enjoy the benefits of being part of a global community of like-minded women.

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