When was the last time you checked your belief system?

*Words by Griselda Togobo

When was the last time you checked your belief system?

As humans, we consistently act in accordance with what we believe about ourselves. It does not matter when these beliefs were formed or whether they drive you towards a fixed or growth-based mindset.

That is why it is so important that you consistently check what you believe in as these beliefs are unconsciously driving the surface level results that you get in your life and work.

You will act in accordance with your beliefs 100% of the time.

So as we kick off another week and month, I am reflecting on what I believe in about myself by analysing my results.

And I am inviting you to join me today and ask yourself:

1. What do you believe about yourself? Which of these beliefs are limiting your progress towards your goals?

2. What do you believe about your abilities? Are you avoiding growth and seeking comfort because you do not believe you have what it takes?

3. What do you believe about the opportunities available out there for someone like you? Are you pre-opting out of opportunities because you believe someone like you cannot make it?

These are 3 simple questions for you to reflect on this week.

This is an opportunity to reflect and investigate why you feel that way. Do not waste it.

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