Have your say: what inspired you to pursue a career in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths sector?

Last year, our 2017 STEM Report heard from women themselves, to understand the challenges they face and to gain insight that can help employers bridge the gender gap in the sector. This year the #BridgetheGap STEM Survey has returned, with the aim of bringing a diverse voice to discussions on how we can attract and retain women in STEM.

The FL team has been spreading the word on Twitter and reaching out to women in STEM. We asked them the question: what attracted you to a career in #STEM? Below we list some of their responses.

  1. ‘I chose to be an engineer because I am passionate about maths and science and wanted to make a tangible difference with my career. Innovating, challenging and improving lives #STEM #WESLBORO.’ Jennifer Glover @JGlover0
  2. ‘I didn’t have any #STEM role models, didn’t even have any university role models but did have a curious mum who nurtured my natural inquisitiveness. As a child, I didn’t properly understand but think I intuitively knew that science was a powerful social lever for me.’ Renee Watson @reneewatson77
  1. ‘What attracted me to #STEM: curiosity & desire to conserve #coralreefs.

Why I left #STEM #academia: bullying, sexual harassment & pervasive misconduct #Metoo

Why I’m back: coral reefs are dying & we need expertise &action NOW #TimesUp.’ Dr Caroline Palmer @CVPPalmer

  1. ‘It was definitely the potential to design and build tech that can change lives and help our environment!’ Haley Loren @TheHayleyLoren
  2. ‘Since I was a child I loved maths and computers. It’s all about creativity, imagination, problem solving and challenges. I’m excited of having endless possibilities to solve a problem, it could be frustrating and overwhelming, but when I find the solution, I feel so happy!!’ Laura da Silva @lauraDataSci
  3. ‘My curiosity about how the human body works and wanting to further medicine and health with new discoveries!’ Dr Jyoti Patel @DrJyoti_Patel
  4. ‘I thought I would be bored by an office job and wanted a challenge; a chance to leave a legacy – my career in construction has been all of that and more!’ Joanna Farnsworth, @mrsfqs
  1. ‘Lots of reasons. I believed that engineering was my best chance to have the biggest positive impact. And I believe my work – helping electricity networks to operate with more green energy while maintaining reliable supply at least cost – achieves this.’ Elaine @ElaineSustains
  1. ‘The opportunities were what did it for me and the promise of real challenge 😊’ Anna Darnley @anna_darnley
  1. ‘To be able to create our future cities and structures #engineer #WomeninSTEM #structuralengineer.’ Natalie-Claire @NCLengineer

A huge thank you to our sponsors BASF, NG Bailey, Ada College for their commitment to championing diverse voices in STEM.

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