How To Feel Inspired When You’ve Lost Motivation

“Believing that within you is the ability to change the world is the first step in making a difference.” – Dan Waldschmidt 

Words by Griselda Togobo

Growing up I never wanted to be noticed. I loved being in the background and watching people take centre stage and be in control. I didn’t mind speaking up when I needed to – that was the only time I spoke! I always spoke up when I saw injustice. As I seemed to be an introvert on most days (yes I am an introverted extrovert – figure that out) I didn’t enjoy crowds very much unless I disappeared in them. I hated photos even more, so this whole social media #selfie #picture crazy era did my head in.

That all changed and is still changing when that fear started controlling my life and I realised it could potentially rob me of my path to success and freedom. So I did the work and confronted my demons about speaking on stage and leading. Like a computer or iPhone, I’m a new person – version 3.0 as I’ve had to go through many iterations and software upgrades to get where I am today.

People tell me how comfortable I look on stage and how much authority I seem to exude. Well, it didn’t happen overnight – it’s been a lifetime of work. The 16-year-old Griselda would be very proud. I’m now making sure that the 50/60/70-year-old Griselda can look back and is also very proud of where I’ve taken her.

What’s holding you back from your dreams?

How long are you going to sit in the sidelines and let it run your life?

It’s time to take back control and upgrade your software to a new version. Society needs more authentic, value-driven leaders like you! 

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