How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

According to a Channel 4 dispatches survey, more than half of working women have never asked for a pay rise which is, unfortunate considering it’s common knowledge that women are underpaid across all sectors.

So if you are reading this and haven’t asked for a pay rise before, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to go and ask for one! 

Here are some tips to help you get started: 

  1. Do your homework and find out what others are earning in your sector. Be bold enough to ask colleagues in other companies. Knowledge gives you confidence.
  2. Be prepared to demonstrate the value you bring to the team and the wider business by outlining how your contribution has exceeded your role and supported the growth of the business. Be specific and give examples.
  3. Connect the dots. Each organisation has its own appraisal system or goals. Tie in your achievement with your appraisals. Preferably demonstrate that your contribution is above your pay-scale.
  4. Choose your timing wisely as it’ll make or break any negotiations. Be conscious of the pressures that your manager may be under and make it a positive discussion. 
  5. Be prepared to hear “NO” in the first instance but that should not put you off persisting with another request in a few months once you have asked for feedback and taken it on board.
  6. Ask for feedback if you are stalled or refused outright. Use the feedback to better prepare for your next salary negotiation.
  7. Don’t get emotional – it’s business. Getting emotional and defensive or angry will not get you what you want. Keep your eye on your goals.
  8. Don’t fill the silence with small talk. Be silent and wait for your manager to speak once you’ve made your case. It may feel uncomfortable but it’ll work in your favour.  
  9. If you are given a counter-offer, don’t be too quick to accept it. Sleep on it and consider whether it’s really as good as it sounds.
  10. Finally, make sure everything is confirmed in an email.
  11. Be positive and believe in yourself. Keep speaking up and putting yourself forward and don’t give up.

Have you negotiated a pay rise recently?

How did it go?

Share what you did well or what you felt you could have done better. 

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